Why eHarmony is the Best Dating Site

Here’s what to expect from eHarmony: Where other sites offer a picture and a personal bio, eHarmony offers compatibility. Sample questions to help break the ice, and get the ball rolling You’re personality profile and compatibility test is based on actual research of healthy heterosexual couples Members here are seeking actual commitment.

Many people look to online dating to deliver an instant solution. This will only sell you short. While it’s true companies profit from those who hold their membership for months or year, is that really unreasonable? When you meet people at clubs, bars, events, and gatherings, do you get married within a few weeks? If it doesn’t work out do you not try again?

This level of severity is what eHarmony is looking for. Those individuals who want to find their partner, companion, lover, or soul mate will understand it can’t always be done in 1 day. Remember, many people are signed up to eHarmony, but it’s far from being the whole world.

Take a deep breath and think for a moment what you really want. If you desire someone to spend the rest of your life with, who’s more than just a great catch but is really great for you, is it not worth the fees, and time you are suggested to spend on eHarmony?

Many of us spend years and a great deal of money on dates and love. So if you think about it eHarmony is actually a nice discount. In the dating process we often meet people based on appearance and either a similar interest, a funny joke, or something done in the moment. But these things don’t dictate how good of a partner someone is. If it did no one would be looking online for love. What eHarmony is doing is taking the time to know everyone. Rather than spend months learning who someone really is, eHarmony does it for you. eHarmony already finds those who are a very compatible match and sends them your way. So now the beginning of the dating process has improved!

Instead of wondering how well you will get along with someone, eHarmony sends you people that you are destined to get along with. They take every possible thing into consideration and send you a handful of people who even if they all aren’t 100% perfect, they’re going to be pretty close. And isn’t that what we all want?

If you take a look at other dating sites they focus more on profiles you create yourself. If you’re going to spend money on a dating service, shouldn’t you try and find one that will work WITH you to not only show your true self to others, but present others honestly back to you?

Now, while there are some fabulous success stories of those who found love and eventually got married after using eHarmony for just a short amount of time, those are the successes we all strive for. But like anything else that is important to us, it will take time and patience. But, the benefit of working with eHarmony is that they will reduce your dating pool to people who are a very strong match for who you are and want you want in life.

So, sign up for eHarmony today. Remember, love may not be knocking on your door, but if you venture outside for a look, you might be pleasantly surprised!

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