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matchmaker.comMatchmaker is yet another one of the online personal dating sites out there that is designed to help you find the man or woman of your dreams. How does this site rank among the rest? Is there anything in particular about it that will give you a better chance of meeting the one?

MatchMaker has been in existence for quite a while now, starting in 1985. This fact alone does show that it is one of the better quality sites since if it wasn’t, it likely still wouldn’t be around.

It offers a very large membership base, further increasing your odds since online dating is largely a numbers game. It also currently has 50 000 singles joining daily, which is an astronomical number of people searching for their next partner.

Joining MatchMaker proves to be relatively easy and sign ups are always free. You will go through the typical questions that are asked such as physical characteristics, religious preferences, educational backgrounds, lifestyle choices and so on.

One thing that is particularly nice about this site is that it does not force you to spend hours creating your profile with many, many questions, but rather sticks to the basics at first and then allows you to expand upon them later on.

This can save you time if you aren’t entirely sure if the site’s for you or if you want to just do some quick browsing to see if anyone catches your interest.

There is also a section you can fill out later on that details exactly what you are looking for in a partner. This proves to be helpful as well as it will hopefully limit the amount of messages you get therefore saving you valuable time.

Searching on this site is pretty much the same as with most sites. You can do a general search or a more advanced search in an effort to really filter through for what you are looking for.
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After you’ve found someone whom you are interested in contacting, then you can go about ‘showing interest’ by clicking on a small button next to their profile. This notifies them that you have done so and if you are lucky they will reciprocate your interest.

All of this is done for free which is nice for those who aren’t sure they want to lay down any money yet for online dating. It also allows them to check out the site a bit more and see what the responses are like before committing to purchasing a membership.

To go past this however, you need to be prepared to pay. As with most things in life, this doesn’t come completely free. They have a variety of membership options available from $24.95 for one month to $7.99 for a month on a one year sign-up term.

This is a reasonable price to expect to pay and you likely won’t find a whole lot of other sites out there that would beat it.

Once you’ve signed up for a membership, then you will be able to send e-mails, use their instant messenger system and also use the video chat.

They are also working on releasing a DateMobile service, which will then allow you to search and send text messages from your cell phone. They really are taking online dating and convenience to the next level with this service.

The site also features help for those who are new to online dating or for those who simply are a little unsure why they are having trouble finding a match. Each week they feature an expert who will give advice about dating and relationships.

You can then go and post your feedback or participate in polls for future topics you’d like to see covered.

The site also sends out a newsletter that’s full of tips for their online daters including how to create a proper profile and how to interact with the dating advisors on the site. In the newsletter you’ll also learn the psychology of online dating and also be able to find out what other members think of the site.

All of these features add up to create what should be, a rather productive and enjoyable experience with MatchMaker. Do remember though that the final onus will come down on you and your profile. Regardless of how good the site is, if you can’t write a good profile and communicate in a respectable and interesting manner, your chances are going to decrease regardless of where you go.

Luckily, if these are a few of your problems, MatchMaker is designed to help you remedy them so you can finally achieve the success you are looking for.

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