Top 10 Qualities of Filipinas that Other Women Don’t Have

Filipina Girl 3The fastest way to become a happy man is by dating a Filipina. The women in the Philippines are truly amazing. They are perfect girlfriends and if you plan to settle down and to start a family you should look for a partner in this country.
Let’s have a look at why Filipinas are so incredible.

1. Family is Important

Whereas the Western hemisphere is all about individualism, the Philippines are all about family. If you are looking for a future wife, you should definitely look in the Philippines. In this country no woman will ever decide to have a career instead of a family. The women in the Philippines haven’t forgotten the importance of family.

2. Exotic Beauty

Did you know that Filipinas rank among the most beautiful women in the world? They are extremely attractive and even the women who are over the age of 30 look way younger than they are. Their tiny physique, their dark skin and their long black hair will make you want to marry them straight away.

3. Femininity

Besides being beautiful, those girls know how to behave in a feminine way. Instead of being loud and unfriendly, like a lot of girls in the Western hemisphere, they are reserved and they behave very ladylike.

The way they walk around also shows that they are happy to be a woman. You won’t find a Filipina who doesn’t love dresses and who can’t walk in high heels. It is really obvious that those women are not brainwashed into believing that they have to act like men in order to be happy.

4. The Willingness to Take Care of You

Filipinas regard it as their duty and their purpose to make sure that their boyfriend is happy. Your Filipina girlfriend will do everything for you, if you treat her with respect and if you show her that you love her. Having such a girlfriend is worth more than a million bucks.

5. They are Great Mothers

In case you dream about starting a family but you couldn’t find the perfect woman in your home country, you should start looking for a woman in the Philippines. Due to the fact that family is so important in this country, the women are raised to become great mothers. From an early age on they usually learn to take care of their little siblings and to help in the household. If you plan to start a family with a Filipina you can be sure that she already knows a lot about raising children, before you have read the first book on fatherhood.

6. The Willingness to Settle Down

Whereas women in the West usually think about settling down when they are already too old to start a family, Filipinas are willing to settle down in their early twenties. They don’t see settling down as a necessary evil, they really want it.

7. Their Reserved Attitude

If you are looking for a Filipina to settle down with and you are dating women under the age of 25, you have a high chance that the girl you are dating is still a virgin or had only one or two sexual partners in their life.

The Philippines are a very religious country and whereas it is cool for women in the West to be promiscuous; most Filipinas only want to have sex when they are in a relationship with a guy with whom they can imagine a future.

8. Their Faithfulness

What can you expect when you are marrying a girl who has been raised in a Western country? If she is willing to settle down with you, chances are high that she will cheat on you sooner or later and that she will take you to the cleaners.

This won’t happen to you in the Philippines. Filipinas are faithful and the Philippines are the only country in the world in which a divorce is illegal.

9. Their Desire to Start a Family

Filipinas are not only great mothers who want to settle down with you. They also want to have a family. They find their happiness in being a mother and doing everything for their family.

10. They Support Their Partner

Due to the strong family values and the willingness to settle down with you, a Filipina will support you wherever and however she can. She knows that your success and your happiness guarantee a happy relationship.

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  1. Michael Goudeau says:

    I know divorces are illegal in the Philippines , She was once married long time ago when she was 20 she is 47 now he left her when she was 22 I love this girl very much and my intentions or to marry her please help .

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