The Ultimate Guide To Approaching Women

There’s no easy way around it, approaching women is definitely not the easiest thing to do. Thoughts of rejection terrify so many men that they won’t even attempt to approach a hot woman they see and thus lose out on what might have been meeting the woman of their dreams.
If they only knew the basic rules when it comes to approaching women, maybe they would feel confident enough in themselves to actually go through with it.

Here’s what you need to know.

Ultimate Guide To Approaching Women

1. Never show doubt

If you doubt whether she wants to go out with you, what do you think she’s going to think? Exactly. Don’t doubt yourself. Ever. This is absolutely essential – I can’t stress it enough.

Come up a list of ten reasons right now why any women should want to date you. Repeat this list to yourself as you’re walking up to her if those nasty doubts start creeping in.

Pick the right time

Timing is half the battle when it comes to approaching women. If you don’t time it right, the chances that she’ll say no go way up.

Ideally you want to find a time when she’s alone and relaxed. If she’s stressed out over work or some other factor, the last thing she needs is someone else biding for her concentration.

Her focus will be elsewhere and you will be out of the picture – fast.

Be yourself

When a vast majority of women are polled on the number one thing they want a guy to do when approaching, it’s simply to be yourself. If they are going to date you, eventually your true self will come out anyway so why mislead her from the beginning? If you do that you’re only wasting both yours and her time.

You do want her to fall in love with the real you anyway right? No one can hide themselves from their partner forever so why start out that way?

Practice, practice, practice!

When it comes to approaching women, the more the better. Approach all the attractive women you see, even if you feel intimidated. Simply by getting yourself out there and forcing yourself to do it, the nerves will begin to dissipate.

Sure, the first rejection will sting, as will likely the second, but by the fourth or fifth, you won’t give it another thought and just move straight on to the next target. Who knows, with any luck maybe you won’t get to the fourth or fifth anyway.

The most successful guys with women have been rejected – never think otherwise. They just didn’t let it affect their confidence and went right on asking. You need to do this too.

Get to the point

When you approach a woman, it’s best to make some upfront conversation with her, make her feel comfortable and then state your mission. The longer you draw it on for, the greater the chance you will chicken out as those doubts we discussed above will just come flooding in.

Relax about it – it’s not like you’re asking her to marry you. Simply ask her to coffee or maybe if you’re brave dinner, and await her response. The more casually you do it, the more comfortable she’ll feel about it since she doesn’t feel like she’s making some major commitment.

Have a specific date in mind

That brings us to our next and final point that is absolutely essential if you are to have success – have a defined date in mind. You need to tell her a day, a time and a place. Don’t leave room for uncertainty in her head. If she happens to be busy at that time, ask her if there is another time that would work better.

The last thing you want to do is ask her out, have her say yes but then not have a time and place picked out. Then you’ll have to go through this whole process again to sort out the details.

Save yourself the grief and get it right the first time around.

So next time you’re going to go up and approach a women, make sure you keep all of these factors in mind. It really does not have to be that scary and nerve-wracking if you don’t make it be.

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