The Lazy Man’s Guide To Getting A Date

The Lazy Man's Guide To Getting a Date

So, you’ve come here looking for a simple easy guide to landing dates. Well, guess again!

The idea of being lazy and getting dates is fundamentally flawed. A good date is about attraction, fun, and communication.

Being lazy suggests you want to sit back while someone else does all the work. Now if you’re extremely good looking, than people would naturally be hitting on you and asking you out. If this is the case you wouldn’t be here.

Other methods would be going out with a group of friends partying, clubbing and getting drunk. But, can you handle the consequences of waking up the following morning next to someone you can’t recognize?

Think about it for a moment. If you asked someone out who was lazy, exactly how long would it last?

The Lazy Man's Guide To Getting a Date

Now when it comes to online dating there are templates you can use for your profile. However you will still have to send messages to women you’re interested in order to initiate a date. There are a few women out there who are strong enough to ask men out, but don’t count on it. The vast majority of women prefer for men to ask them out. So in that sense you have your work cut out for you.

If you do find yourself in a situation where you were lazy and got a date, it will be based on dysfunction. No healthy relationship can sustain itself in this way. So, the question is not, what’s the lazy method for acquiring a date, but why are you searching for one?

If you want to get a date, and have a great time, it will take some time and effort. But it’s all worth it when you find someone who makes you happy!

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