Philippines Girls – What you need to know about Philippines Women

filipinasMany men are lured to dating Philippines girls because of the traits they possess. They are known to be perfect partners and this is obvious in the number of Philippines women that have migrated from the Philippines to the countries of their new husbands. However, be advised that like all other nationalities, there are bad apples among the bunch and you would really want to avoid the same costly mistake some men make when making wrong decisions when dating in the Philippines.

Some Philippines may ask you for money especially if you are communicating only through chat or phone calls. You should be alarmed when they start asking you to send them huge sums of money before you even have met them personally. Make sure you know her well before even considering sending her gifts or money to avoid becoming the victim of scammers.

Philippines Girls are serious about Love and Marriage

Luckily, for the most part, Philippines girls are serious when it comes to love and marriage. They are considered loving, loyal and caring wives and mothers. This can be attributed to their society where family plays a major role in their lives.

You should also know that their country does not permit divorce and annulment is looked down upon in their society. This is why many Philippines women consider dating to be of great importance when finding future partners.

Philippines Women possess unique Beauty

Philippines girls are also known for their unique beauty. Due to the location of the Philippines, it has been home to many races and nationalities. Originally occupied by natives of Malay origin, the country was then conquered by Spain, and then by the USA throughout its long history. If you visit the country, you will notice that there is no single facial feature that will definitely be unique to the rest of the world as a Filipino because of their mixed blood.

Philippines Girls are very Religious

Philippines girls are mostly Catholic and are very religious. A Philippines woman who wishes to be married to you will expect you to go with her to church every Sunday, or in other holy days of obligation. This is a good sign especially if you are planning to have a family with her because she will make sure your children have a very Christian upbringing.

Marriage is a sacred Act in the Philippines

A Philippines girl will make a good wife. They are loyal and will serve you like a king. Because of the Filipino view of marriage as a sacred act, she will make sure you are proud of her as your wife. They are also respectful and somewhat submissive which means they take your principles and opinions very importantly even if their views conflict with yours. Compared to women of other nationalities, a Philippines girl will less likely be in an argument with you because they look up to you as the head of the household. With a Philippines girl, you are even less likely to go through a divorce.

Filipina Girls make a good Wife

Philippines girls are a cut above the rest when you are looking for the perfect wife. For sure you will realize that there is more to them than meets the eye if you start being intimate with a Philippines girl. However, you should also treat them with the same love and respect they show you because they deserve the same from you. If you want to know what it takes to make a Philippines woman fall for you, then read our article about Filipina Dating – How to conquer the heart of a Filipina.

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62 comments on “Philippines Girls – What you need to know about Philippines Women
  1. Nhess says:

    Some of the comments here saddens me, really.

    I came here to know if foreigners do really love their filipina wives. there are some foreigners courting me but I’m too afraid to give any signs or chances because i thinking what if they found another woman. they might leave me. And i really hate being left behind.

    reading some comments here makes me even more afraid to open my door to foreign men.

    Whenever I saw those men who said they like me. I always run as fast as i could as if i was being chased by death. Haha!

    It’s so scary! You don’t know their real intention. Who knows they just want a one night stand?

    my mum said i should marry a foreigner. but i refused.

    Anyway, i will pray to those who got scammed and got cheated by my fellow filipina. Hope you all
    Find your true love.

    • Justjoe says:

      I don’t get the foreign guy thing?

      “My mum said i should marry a foreigner but i refused”

      “Whenever I saw those men who said they like me. I always run as fast as i could as if i was being chased by death. Haha!”

      Just a question, where you live are there NO decent Filipino guys??????????????

    • Eddie Virginia says:

      Don’t give up Nhess. I know it’s hard and scary as you put it. There are different people with different intentions, some benevolent, others questionable, that come from all over the world. Just use your best judgement and stay true to God and your chances of finding the right husband will improve, whether he is a local or comes from another country. I am an American small business owner, mid-thirties currently in the Philippines who flew here with the genuine intention of meeting my future wife. I’m scared as well and I hate the thought that I’m being taken advantage of but that won’t stop me, nor should it stop you in your search for happiness and security. I hope you find your true love as well. Good luck!

  2. juana says:

    That’s where everyone’s expert about — judgement. We tend to generalize a certain group based on other’s experiences that we forget to see beyond the bigger picture and where they’re coming from.
    I’ve read from above that someone called Filipinas “stupid”. Good thing that we’re endowed with the freedom to express ourselves, isn’t it? But is it right to hurt people’s feelings in the process?
    I felt quite bad reading some of the comments and just want to clarify that wherever part of the globe you are, you are not prone to opportunists.
    No one mentioned that Filipinas are also being taken advantage of foreigners online and overseas. How many times do I have to block people in Facebook forcing me to videochat with them and how many times do we have to hear news of domestic helpers being sexually abused by their employers. Those Filipino workers are doing their best to support their families in a decent manner yet they’re being victimized by that “poor generalization”.
    I can only imagine how must that feel to be fooled and be taken advantage of when everything you did is just to love and trust. However, it’s not an excuse to call names and look at everyone of them like they’re a bunch of money seeking individuals. If your relationship with a person didn’t work out, you still deserve to be loved wholly not just because you have the material things to give them. It’s worth a try finding someone and use your “bad experience” as a lesson not to be “fooled” again. You know better than to label a particular race of women as a whole.

  3. Benz says:

    I grew up when I was very young (5 years)in Saudi Arabia. We were good friends with a middle class Filipino family, and some of the local Filipino workers. We were treated like family and I loved them very much. That is how I thought when I decided to start dating again after being single for 7 years. I am attractive, in my mid-thirties at that time, was a bit broken down mentally from school. I was working two full time jobs and going to school full time for IT. I generalized that I just made poor decisions in dating and there must be something better if I find a different culture where the women more loving and simple. Honestly, I went with my previous experiences as a kid and did some research for a proper dating site. I found a Christian Filipino dating sight, BBB rated, and lots of good testimonials. I posted pictures and had a lot of replies. On this site I met a woman who was not the most attractive or young, but I felt a connection with. She was fed up with men asking her for boob shots, and said she does not wear “sexy dress”. And seemed to not be plastic to me. We chatted every day for about 10 months or so. She did have a temper, but I thought this was ok because of her being from a poor background and experiences being an overseas worker. I got desperate because I needed to graduate, but… to be honest, I was burned out and lonely. Work, school, stress, and I really loved this woman. I am a loyal person to my friends and those I love, and honest. I decided I could finish my degree while on vacation, so I took out a 10 thousand dollar loan I couldn’t afford, and booked a trip to see her for a month. She flew from Dubai, UAE to meet in Manila…. I am going to skip ahead here. I really just looked at the vacation sites for what I needed, and hotel bookings. My stupid mistake. I trust people too much when I like them. I took everything in, from Manila, to Borocay, to the province. It is a third world country and people are desperate. Yeah, friendly to your face, but you don’t really know what they are thinking, or how they are. I felt like I was being worked over a bit every where I went. When her friends and some family were talking in Tagalog, I watched their body language, and expressions. I felt like I was being left out of the conversation on purpose. The idea of empathy seems to be lacking in most of them, unless for their family or close friends. The end of the month came and I went back home. Things went out of control, I got kicked out of school, because I lost my second job (paying out of pocket for school), and I am an alcoholic (Sober now since August). She seemed to think my life is easy, and really didn’t show any concern. She asked me if I was born again? I said yes. Then a couple of days later, last year, she and her friend came on skype and she said, “you have small dick”… I am average size for my height and never had a problem before her. Remember stereotypes. I was quiet but really angry because of how she acted in front of her friends and my current situation. I just hung up on her. She calls back again, and I blew up pulled my pistol at the screen and went to town on some bad words for both of them. I hung up again and she messaged to me, “Just joking to you mahal”. I had a feeling something was not right. Then, “I told you I am a bad person”. So, I asked her why she would say that to her friends. They asked, and that is what I told them. So I questioned her if she was ever a bar girl, or what her past is. “The past makes me crazy to remember”. At that point I was fed up, and figured she was just playing me for a marriage for kids, security, etc. We sort of made up, but I really didn’t feel the same attraction for her. We have each others facebook accounts and I was looking at her history and found about an hour of hard core porn on it. I don’t care what people do, but she hid this from me, and I wondered about other things. When I brought it to her attention she laughed and said she just likes to watch. Some months later my friend hung himself in his closet. I was feeling real bad and told her on skype. She was watching something while we talked, porn probably, and she said nothing. Later she said, “I thought you were kidding”. that is all I got out of her. Finally, I got the truth out of her, a little at least. She told me she never respected me from the beginning, and that she has never done a good thing in her life, and that I am free. This woman isn’t a gold digger. Just looking for a better life. She still says she loves me, but I am a not convinced about anything. So you are poor, your life is hard, and that makes it ok to lie and take advantage of people who are better off than you are? The best thing to do is to expose the truth. Not all Americans are rich, white, and have a big D. Not all Filipinas are loving, loyal, sweet. But they put that out there as their public relations for tourism, and marriage. I think that people who do this sort of thing for any reason should be exposed. A friend of mine was paralyzed and his friend married a Filipina. They were both nurses and made a good income together. After he was paralyzed, she didn’t want him to come over anymore. Said, “We don’t have any money for you”. He never asked for money. Choose wisely, and don’t believe what you hear.

  4. jadugarjohn says:

    Good story

  5. Filipina Ladys says:

    “You should also know that their country does not permit divorce and annulment is looked down upon in their society” This is why Filipina girls like to marry in the Philippines because they prefer it the catholic way. You can read more about this topic on my site. See you there. Thanks!

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