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OkCupidOKCupid is a free dating site. It makes it’s money from advertising, so users can enjoy online dating without spending a dime.

It makes use of a simple quiz asking your likes and dislikes, as well as how important these things are to you, and your potential match. It’s not just for dating, but to also help you find friends of similar interests. Looking to make friends in a new town? Or maybe meet a few people who share your interests? Give OKCupid a shot.

The population on OKCupid tend to be young, roughly around 18 to early 30’s. So if you fit into this group, great. If not, then OK Cupid isn’t right for you. After filling out your profile information, it will usually come back with hundreds of potential matches for you. Sounds great if you like variety, especially if you’re looking for friends.

However, in terms of finding love, quality is always better than quantity.

Here are a few things that might interest you regarding OKCupid:

-It’s Free
-It covers most areas of the U.S. and some international countries
-features include: fun quizzes, chat, forums, personality tests, etc.
-Site population = ~ 1 million

Some members have made complaints to the extent that. OKCupid only shows you potential matches within a subset of all possible matches. This means many people are being shielded from your eyes because of the service’s search criteria. The age range of most members is also troubling. Young people in their 20’s represents such a small portion of the population that it makes you wonder why use OKCupid in the first place.

It’s not the most spectacular site. Think of OKCupid more as a buffet. It helps you find hundreds of people who are in your area, or have similar interests. So, you’ll have the freedom to sample many, and decide who and what you like.

It’s cheap, easy, and has a lot of fun features. It’s often said that simple is best. However that only applies when there’s a lot going on behind the simplicity that we don’t need to see or worry about. OKCupid is simple, and nothing more. it lacks the complexities you’ll be looking for in a dating service. Lets be honest, we go to dating services because we want help finding a great date, and sometimes a great friend as well.

OKCupid just does not put in the effort to do this. It relies on multiple choice questions and user created profiles. It’s like when you go out shopping. Do you research the product thoroughly? Or, is the difference between a sale and no sale in the presentation?

As people we are not always the best at presenting ourselves to others. So, this is where a dating service should give us all a hand. Not only that, but it should also do some of the work in filtering out potential matches for us. This way what we are left to choose from are all great prospects. Ask yourself, what would you rather have, hundreds of good choices, or a handful of fabulous choices?

Many might say, if it’s free what can it hurt? Well, let me ask you this. How valuable is your time?

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3 comments on “OKCupid Review
  1. stephen says:

    This is not true about how this site the majority of people are 18-30. I am 43 and see many ladies my age or in my age range.

  2. Crazy Pete says:

    Yes it is Stephen, look at OK Cupid’s own stats, the VAST majority of their users are < 35. Sure there are people our age on the site, but we are the minority and OK Cupid doesn't seem to be geared towards us. For example there is no way to filter one someone ELSE's age preferences. No matter what search criteria you enter, the majority of people returned will have an age range <= 35. (It is funny when you ask OK cupid to only show you women who are 45, and then you get a bunch of profiles that are interested in guys 25-45. πŸ™‚ There is, (AFAICT), no way to get OK Cupid to show only people who are interested in your age range. In effect OK Cupid is encouraging guys our age to message girls who don't want us. (OK Cupid refuses to do anything but return profiles 99% of which clearly state they want nothing to do with anyone my age.) I don't mind that someone wants someone other than me. But it is very easy to make a mistake and message someone who doesn't want to talk to you. Wading through 98 profiles to find 1 who will accept a 48 year old makes it easy to misread someone's preference and message them despite your best intentions. Ladies, i am very sorry if you have been the victim of this, but OK Cupid tries to push us old creeps into your face! πŸ™‚

    Best Wishes,


  3. Pat Edwards says:

    I’m a professional drummer looking for a different life . Touring and being on the road is old but the only life I know. I have no life outside the music business. I will be day be to old to play speed metal . I would like a new life.

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