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JustSayHi.com is another free online dating service. Why pay for online dating anymore?
Just say hiOnline dating has become a huge industry in the past few years. In a world where everyone has busy lives and community ties are weaker and weaker everyday, it becomes more and more difficult for people to find a date. What used to be a taboo is becoming more and more accepted. Today millions of people worldwide use the internet to find a date as well as the perfect partner.

JustSayHi.com includes such features as:

No costs chat with members forums communities members in all 50 states, and all major cities

Sadly if you look around the web, there really isn’t any information about the site. Other than having some basic features that you expect to be in any online dating service, there’s not much to say. But honestly, what do you expect? How much can an online dating service really help?There’s an old saying. “You get what you pay for” So, JustSayHi is free, then how great can it be?

Upon signing up it immediately asks for your e-mail, but doesn’t say how and why your e-mail is used. This can be a scary thing, because we all know sites love to sell your e-mail address. Then, begins the steady stream of unwanted spam. So it’s a little concerning when you arrive on their privacy and don’t see any hint that your information is safe with them, and will only be used to identify you.

All in all, it’s a very simple site with a few simple steps to get your account and profile up and running. But this may leave you wondering how effective it is. You’re probably just as likely to have success dating people you meet at work, through friends, or while out having fun. So it doesn’t sound too bad, however we have grown to have high expectations for online dating.

Online dating has the ability to extract as much information as possible, and pair up people based on high compatibility. This is something that is difficult to do in natural dating, because you spend the first few weeks or months learning these things. But this is the appeal of online dating. You can filter people out by compatibility first, and then set up a date to meet in person. In the information era, wouldn’t this be the most effective way to approach dating?

The truth is technology is moving faster than we are evolving, so we’re slow to realize the potential of these things. But the selection of a truly powerful online dating service can have a profound impact on your life. Think about all the relationships you’ve had. Some were great and others weren’t. Now what if you can change all that.

Think about life if all your relationships, whether they last or not, were all great. A day where every relationship is with someone we are very compatible with isn’t a fantasy. It’s becoming a reality today. So pick the online dating service that will give you what you want. Research them carefully and pick the one that will help you realize your fantasies!

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