How To Tell If An Online Profile is Fake

How To Tell If An Online Profile is FakeOne thing that some people worry about when starting to online date is whether or not the person who is behind the profile is really in fact that person.

There have been some horror stories before about people greatly deceiving others through the use of online dating, whether it is older men trying to get young women or a member of the same sex posing as a member of the other.

Regardless of the situation, one thing for sure is that it could make for a very unpleasant and downright dangerous situation.

You should always keep this in the back of your mind so you can stay on the lookout for any signals that may show that a profile may not be quite what it seems. Here are some tips.

Is there more than one picture?

If the profile has only one profile picture and the person is not willing to share any others with you, this is a good signal that something may be up. Always ask to see two or three pictures of the person and ensure that they all look reasonably the same.

Does their background line up?

As you get to know the person you should try and find out a little about their background. If there seems to be missing pieces or they are very secretive about their past, this could be an indication that they are trying to keep something from you.

Do they seem to good to be true?

While everyone wants to meet that one special person out there who fulfills their every fantasy, if the person you are speaking too seems almost too good to be true, chances are they are. Everyone has a few faults but it is very possible to mislead someone online, coming across as being everything that you are looking for.

To good to be true

Do they avoid talking to you on the phone?

After sending a few messages back and forth, it is only natural to move the conversation to the telephone. This is good not only because it sets you up to actually meet in person better but it also takes the relationship to a new level. Hearing the other person on the line makes the experience slightly more personal than if it is just an anonymous profile writing to you. If the person you met online refuses to talk on the phone, red flags should go up in your mind.

Do they avoid answering your questions only to ask more themselves?

Online daters who are using fake profiles will try and avoid answering any questions about their own life and instead just keep pursuing more information out of you. They know that most people like to talk about themselves and are capitalizing on this fact.

Does it surprise you they are interested in you?

This point is slightly different in that obviously most people are always happy someone is showing interest. It is common knowledge however that there does tend to be ‘dating leagues’ out there, more or less different groups of people who usually date amongst themselves

There have been some instances reported where an online site will post profiles of very attractive women and get these profiles messaging men just so that the men will remain paying customers. Usually these women are so attractive however, that they are not quite of the same type they would go for in ‘real life’. If this is happening with you, you may want to question it. Usually it’s smartest to date others will similar looks and interests as it will make both parties more comfortable (however there are of course exceptions to this rule).

So make sure you think about these when viewing various profiles when online dating. Most of the time you are not going to run into fake profiles however on the odd occurrence if you have a feeling something funny is going on, there is likely a good chance there is and you should be taking precaution.

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