How To Be A Sex Expert When You’re a Virgin

BunnyBeing a virgin is tricky business in today’s society. When it comes to sex, most people appreciate someone who has experience and knows how to please their lover.

But if that person has slept with dozens or hundreds of people, it might be a bit troubling. Generally speaking, it’s much easier to be a female virgin, than a male virgin.

If a woman is a virgin, being very eager, open, and well read on the subject will more than make up for it for many if not most men. If a man is a virgin, it’s a sticky situation.

Why? Because, women desire men who can take charge, ravage them, and make them feel great. This can be something that is particularly difficult for a virgin to do. But it doesn’t have to be.

What is a virgin?

A: Technically, it is someone who has not had vaginally penetrative sex.
So, all the other fun sexual acts don’t count in this regard.

Now you’re wondering, if you’re a virgin, what to do? Well, there are some things you can do if you’re still technically a virgin that will make it seem like a non issue.

1. Be well read on sexual positions, and sexual anatomy.

This way you know the good spots.

2. Be open to trying new things.

Men are often scared of anal play. Being open to it will make it look as if you’re a beast! Not to mention many women get off on it.

3. Practice makes perfect!

Asian GirlOf course if you’re a virgin you won’t have had any practice. However you can buy a reasonable and realistic look/feel sex toy. This will at least give you some general idea of what to expect.

4. Go with the flow!

The worth thing you can do is develop moves that should apply to everyone. Yes they work, but it’s best when you act based on the situation!

5. Be ready for round 2!

One orgasm is often not enough for many people. So make sure you can handle another go at it!

6. Be attentive.

Listen and watch for all the cues that let you know your partner is enjoying it, and repeat!

7. Do more

Women: encourage him to do more, and show him how much you’re loving it. Men: take charge, ravage her body in such a lustful manner that lets her know you want nothing more than to devour her.

8. Understand how men and women are different.

Women naturally want to bond, while men naturally get drowsy after sex. Be aware of this, and it will please your lover immensely.

9. Know what type(s) of protection you plan to use and practice.

This way you won’t fumble at game time!

10. Foreplay!

It’s important for men and women. Men may show signs of arousal faster, but foreplay can make the difference between riding a horse, and riding a bull! And I don’t even need to say how important foreplay is for women.

So, have fun with it. Virgins give themselves away by being overly nervous, lack of knowledge, being closed minded, and not knowing what to.

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  1. starr says:

    thanks for your support it was good but if your hot and u now because guys like me then why am i a virgin????

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