How I Found a Filipina Girlfriend through Online Dating

Filipina Girl

Before I traveled to the Philippines for the first time, I asked a good friend of mine for advice. He is five years older than me, has been to the Philippines at least twice every years and he is married to a wonderful Filipina.

I was worried that I couldn’t find such a perfect girl like he was able to find, because I had no clue about the culture and about the local dating customs. He then told me that I should stop worrying about that and that the best way to meet beautiful Filipinas is by signing up on one of many online dating sites for men who look for partners in the Philippines.

I followed his advice and registered on one of those sites. Two weeks later I was in a relationship with the most amazing girl I have ever met. Let’s have a look at what I did to make my dream of a happy relationship come true.


I Registered a Profile on an Online Dating Site

There are hundreds of dating websites out there for Western men who look for love in the Philippines. I decided to register a profile at one of the most reputable and well known sites. The moment I completed the registration process, I saw that there were hundreds of women who were online.

I knew that my chances of finding the perfect partner are a lot higher on this dating site than anywhere else. I was excited to talk to the first girls, but before I could do that I wanted to set myself apart from my competitors by giving my profile a professional look.

I Uploaded a Professional Profile Picture

First I had to find a good profile picture. When I had a look at my competitors I saw a lot of men who uploaded pictures of themselves sitting on the beach or in a bar. I decided to do something different. I remembered that I once booked a professional photo shoot and I knew that those pictures were somewhere on my laptop.
When I finally found them I uploaded two very professionally looking photos. If I were you I would do the same. Your picture is the first thing she sees and if it looks professional you will automatically leave a good impression.

I Wrote Who I am and What I Was Looking For

After I uploaded a professional photo, I did something that most guys don’t pay a lot of attention to. I invested more than twenty minutes to write down a detailed profile about myself. I wrote who I was and what I was looking for in a woman.

There are so many men in the online dating world who just write their age and their job. This is a mistake. By writing about your interests, your beliefs and your preferences, you are not only more interesting, but you also give the girls you are interacting with the chance to find out who you are.

I Looked for Educated Girls

Now it was my turn to find girls who I wanted to have a conversation with. I wanted to avoid writing with girls who were uneducated and who only wanted to date me, because they needed someone with money who can provide for them. Those girls exist, but there are also a lot of educated girls who are financially independent.

I then searched for women who are in my age range, who are single and who have preferably a college degree. I found a few interesting girls and I started a conversation with three of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

I Went on a Date with the Most Interesting Girl

After I texted with those three beautiful women I realized pretty fast that there was one girl who I was more interested in than in the other two. She had the same interests and the same beliefs as me and her smile was just way to beautiful to not meet her.

I decided to go on a date with her. The date was amazing and we instantly connected. That’s how I found an amazing Filipina girlfriend through online dating.

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