How Does Match Up With Other Sites?

Match.comProbably one of the more popular online dating sites out there right now is Millions of people have heard of it because of it’s very well funded marketing program, along with the fact that it’s headed by relationship guru, Dr. Phil. has already helped over fifteen million members, which shows that obviously it is a site where you can meet your match. Numbers like that cannot be overlooked, particularly in the online dating market where there are lots of first-hand reports about having hard luck making it work.

The one thing that really does set apart from the rest however is the amount of information they dedicate to educating you how to date. From helping you learn how to create a profile that leaves a lasting impression to helping you discover some of the obstacles various individuals will face when dating (such as dating over 50 or dating while also being a parent), really has you covered.

When creating the profile, the site will ask you similar information as all the other online dating sites out there do, but does throw in some more unique questions that helps you show off the finer features of your personality and set yourself apart from others.

There are places where you are able to write your own description, which, if you are creative with words can definitely work to your benefit.

For those new to dating, they have an “Online Dating Starter Kit” where they have videos of people giving you advice and creative ideas on how you can turn online dating into something that works for you.

After you’ve created your profile and are reading to start doing some searching, you can place your boundaries how you see fit. You can even search within a proximity of 5 miles, which means if long distance relationships aren’t your thing, you are in luck!

Then, when you do find someone who sparks your interest, you have a few choices with how you can proceed. First you could send them a ‘wink’ for free. This is good for the shyer people out there who just want to show interest without really saying much.

The second choice is to sign up for a paid membership and then you are able to send an e-mail message. There are a few different options for paid memberships depending on how long you would like to sign up for. For one month you will pay $29.99, however if you are willing to commit to giving online dating a go for six months, the price will drop to $14.99 per month.

If you are really ambitious with finding your Mr. or Ms. Right, then you can upgrade your membership with the “MindFindBind” membership, which will then give you the help of Dr. Phil himself.

One of the benefits of signing up for a six month membership on is that if you don’t find someone within six months time (assuming of course you are actively searching, sending messages and being open to dating), then the next six months are on them! This can be a reassuring factor to some who are doubtful they will have any success with online dating.

On the site there are also “Match Communities” which are places where you can go to meet others with similar interests, which will again, further increase your odds at meeting that special person. The current communities that are offered cater to those who are gay or are a senior citizen. has also kept up with some of the other online dating sites out there and is offering you the option of searching and responding to e-mails from your cell phone or other mobile device. Wherever you go, you can be sure you won’t be missing out.

With this option you can register to get text messages sent to you whenever someone sends you a message or winks.

Finally for those who really don’t mind the attention, offers a ‘Member Spotlight’ where they highlight a particular member and help that person get more attention from other users of the site.

Since online dating is definitely about getting yourself noticed, this is a surefire way to increase the odds you meet someone soon.

Overall is probably one of the highest current ranking sites for online dating. With a very large membership base and a great number of successes it is a safe bet for someone who is new to online dating or has been doing it for quite some time.

The site is quite user friendly and with all it’s additional features and help sections, you shouldn’t feel too lost in how to go about trying to connect with others through this dating medium.

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