How Dating a Filipina Made Me the Happiest Man on Earth

Filipina Girl 4Have you ever been together with a Filipina? In case you have never had the pleasure to share your life with a girl from the Philippines you have definitely missed out on a wonderful and enriching experience.

Before I traveled to the Philippines I mainly dated Western women. I thought that never-ending arguments, ill-humored women and annoying power plays are part of every relationship. I was convinced that the struggles that I experienced in my relationships were normal and that it is impossible to live in a harmonic relationship.

I don’t know how you have been raised, but from an early age on my parents told me that there are good times and bad times in a relationship and that I need to compromise. I thought that it is impossible to live in a harmonic relationship without compromises and without bad times.

My perception about relationships changed when I traveled to the Philippines. It was in Cebu where I met an incredibly beautiful woman, with whom I spent the most memorable months of my life. Thanks to this Filipina I learned what it means to live in a happy relationship. She made me happier than I have ever been before.

But what did she do that made me such a happy man?

Her Family Values

In my home country I was used to women who were only interested in their careers, their financial independence and their success. There was no time for family, for a supportive relationship and for romance.

Things are a little bit different in the Philippines. Family is very important to a Filipina and if you are dating a Filipina you will automatically become a member of her family. Relationships in this country are not like in the West where everybody wants to appear as independent as possible.

When you are dating a Filipina the community and the relationship is more important than individual interests. This makes maintaining a happy relationship a lot easier, because a Filipina is not only interested in her own benefit. My girlfriend wanted that I am happy and that we are happy together.

Her Supportive Nature

One way in which she made me happy was by supporting me in every situation. During the time I was in Cebu I was working on my business plans and even though they sounded completely irrational, she supported me and she motivated me the whole time to follow my instinct and to work on my goals.

No matter what you are doing, your Filipina girlfriend will support you. My girlfriend was there for me all the time and whenever I lost my motivation, she encouraged me to continue and to not give up. I am really thankful for her support.

Her Respectful Behavior

We live in crazy times. We live in a day and age in which it is completely normal to make fun of men. The women in the Western world are basically conditioned to disrespect men. Whenever I watch a romantic comedy movie I get sick to my stomach, because I can’t watch how the main character humiliates himself for two hours until he finally gets the girl.

More and more women lose the respect of men. Not in the Philippines. Filipinas value and respect their boyfriends. Whenever I told my girlfriend that a lot of women in the Western hemisphere treat men in a disrespectful way, she didn’t even understand how that can be possible.

In the Philippines the men are the leaders and the women are the supportive girlfriends behind them. The saying that behind every successful man is a strong woman is actually true for the Philippines.

Her Caring Attitude

One thing that I missed a lot in the relationships I had back home was a caring attitude of the women. It’s not that I am lazy and that I can’t take care of myself, but when I am in a relationship I want to feel that my girlfriend truly cares about me.

When I started to date my Filipina girlfriend I was amazed by her caring nature. She spoiled me all day long. I finally experienced what I was searching for so long. I experienced how it feels to be in a happy relationship.

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