Why a Filipina Will Make You Happier than a Thai Woman

Filipina Girl 5When it comes to international dating there are always two kinds of men. On the one hand, there are the men who claim that the best thing you can do is to end up dating a Thai girl and on the other hand, there are the men who think that a relationship with a Filipina leads to more happiness.

Of course you should date the woman of your dreams, not matter if she is Thai or Filipina, but when it comes to living in a happy relationship and maintaining a relationship over the years, you definitely have it a lot easier in the Philippines than you would have it in Thailand.

There are basically four main reasons why dating a Filipina is a lot easier than dating a girl in Thailand.

Communication is Easier

In case you have ever been to Thailand you probably know that you have a very hard time to find a girl who speaks English. I have heard from guys who ended up dating girls who they can’t even talk to, but I hope that’s not what you want.

A relationship is about sharing your life, sharing your dreams and also sharing your desires. The only way this is possible is when your girlfriend speaks the same language as you. Even though it is very hard to find women who are fluent in English when you are traveling to Thailand, it is actually quite easy when you are in the Philippines.

No matter in which area of the Philippines you are, the people speak English. Even though they have their own language, the fluency of English is remarkable. You won’t have any difficulties to communicate with the girl of your dreams.

The Cultures are More Similar

In case you are from a Western European country or from the USA, you are most likely a protestant or a catholic Christian. Even though you might not be the most religious person in the world, your beliefs and your cultural understanding are influenced by your religious background.
In the Philippines you will have absolutely no problem to feel at home in the culture. The majority of the population in the Philippines is catholic. They have the same beliefs and values as you have. How does this look in Thailand?

The Thai culture is completely different than any Western culture. The majority of the people are Buddhists and even though this is a very interesting religion, it can be quite hard to assimilate in the Thai culture. You won’t have this problem when you are dating a Filipina.

The Respect of Foreigners is Higher

Do you know how Thai people call foreigners? They call them “Farang” and even though this word doesn’t have a bad meaning, they sometimes say it in a really disrespectful way. There are quite a few Thai people who regard foreigners as troublemakers instead of welcomed guests.

In the Philippines the attitude towards foreigners is slightly different. They respect foreigners and due to their Christian culture they don’t regard them as troublemakers, but as welcomed guests in their country.

Relocation is a lot Easier

Most guys, who end up marrying an Asian woman, no matter if she is Thai or Filipina, will settle down with her in their home country. The major reason for that is the better financial situation in their home country and the desire to not leave their friends and family.

What if you later decide to relocate to the home country of your partner? In this case having a Filipina wife is way better than having a Thai wife. The immigration law in Thailand is very strict and it is nearly impossible to get a visa for longer than three months. Even if you are married to a Thai girl you still have to go to the immigration office on a regular basis.

How are your chances to successfully relocate to the Philippines? Well, they are a lot better than in Thailand. The Philippines is an immigration-friendly country and you could even get a retirement visa with 35. Dating a Filipina instead of a Thai woman will save you a lot of hassle.

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