Does Deliver On Its Promise ?

True.comOne dating site that has attracted a fair amount of attention is Does it really live up to its name though? Can you really find true love at That is the question many people ask themselves while signing up. has many of the same features that other online dating sites have. When you first sign up you will create a profile and then search for your most compatible matches based on information you input into the system.

They also have the option of sending winks as a way to let another person know you are interested just as the other sites do. For many this is something they feel more comfortable about because it’s not quite as intimidating as sending a full blown message to someone.

Furthermore, the site will sort your matches based on a set of criteria into various groups; basic matches, personality matches, communication matches, sexual matches, romantic matches, commitment matches, and then ‘TRUE compatibility’ matches.

You are also able to discover whose been looking at your profile so that way you will get an idea of whose searching for you. This is a good option because sometimes people will search but are potentially too intimidated or shy to send a message. If you wish, you could then be the first to initiate contact or at least send a wink to let them know you are interested back.

You can also browse those who have submitted new photos to the site as well as those who are online at that current time. This makes it easy to stay up to date on the latest happenings on the site and find potential new matches.

One of the nicest things about is that it offers a coaching centre that will help you write out your profile. Since a profile typically makes or breaks whether you get a response, this is a very key feature that many will likely really benefit from. If you are new to online dating this will also offer you a chance to acquaint yourself with how it all works and learn more about the process itself.

They also offer a tips and advice section where you can read about psychology and testing with regards to dating as well as a section for single parents who are trying to date. There is information available too that will explain how to ensure you are dating safely and how to decipher problems you may come across.

With all of these things in mind, there are still some drawbacks to They have received a lot of reader complaints lately about the way they are handling membership cancellations.

One reader joined the site on one of the ‘free trial’ promotions. At the end of the trial period she wanted to cancel and saw a link online stating she could click to cancel. So she did so but only to find out later on that her membership had not been cancelled and she was still actively listed on the site. Two weeks later the billing showed up on her credit card statement and when she phoned their customer service line, they stated that their records did not show that she had in fact cancelled.

This reader faced numerous hours on the phone trying to sort out her difficulties and to get her money refunded. She has also spoken with over 15 other users, all of which also had the exact same difficulty – they signed up for the free trial membership but were then charged even though they had tried to cancel.

So the moral of that story is with, be very leery about accepting any free offers. If you want to join the site and use it as a dating service, do so but be prepared to pay. can definitely work well for some. It has lots of information to get you started and features that will allow you to locate a match as easily as possible. You really must be careful though how you handle yourself on there when it comes to sign-ups or else you may experience some unexpected charges that are difficult to get out of.

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