Chuck Norris’s Top 5 Tips For Kick Ass Dating

Are you looking to kick your dating life into high gear? Here are the secrets you need in order to impress the women in your life and get even more dates then you did before.

Chuck Norris's Top 5 Tips For Kick Ass Dating

Dating is largely about appearance. Everyone knows this since it’s no secret that a large portion of what determine who we date is whether or not we are attracted to them. Some will tell you otherwise but don’t believe it – they’re lying! Nine times out of ten, when someone accepts a date from another person there is at least some physical attraction present.

So Tip 1.

Look Your Best

This means dressing in appropriate clothing for the evening and making sure you are shaved and cleaned up. Some women do go for the rugged look, however keep in mind there is a large difference between rugged and dirty. Rugged – yes. Dirty – no. Keep it clean guys. It’s what the women want.

After you’ve been dating for a while, then if you skip a day of shaving, not to worry too much. Heaven knows she probably isn’t shaving her legs every day either.

Moving on to Tip 2.

Confidence, Confidence, Confidence

What’s the first thing you need when going into a fight? You need the belief that you are going to go out there and kick some ass! If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Your opponent definitely will not.

In the game of dating, think of the woman as your opponent (no, don’t go starting a fight). Rather, just imagine that you need to be sure of yourself. So much that you almost intimidate her – just a little. Intimidation is a great way to command respect and you do want respect right? No man I know wants to be held on a leash by the woman he’s dating.

You obviously don’t want to intimidate her so much she runs away, but just a tiny amount and she will respect and admire you. That’ll leave her wanting more.

So stand up to the plate gentleman and let your knowledge in your abilities shine. You know what you have to offer her, now it’s time to prove it.

This leads us into Tip 3.

Body Language

No, you are not to grab her and start to show her just how physically attracted you are to her right off the start. Save that for later. By body language I am talking about the subtle signals you are sending her while out on your date.

Head up? It better be. If you look down at the floor she may mistake this for trying to look down her shirt. You know what that’ll get you (clue: it isn’t at home in her bed).

Arms open. This is another big one. Don’t and I mean don’t cross your arms across your chest. This is going to give her very strong signals that you are a closed person. Keep them down by your sides if anything or up on the table (elbows off the table however – manners are important too).

Smile. Your smile is what’s going to give her the impression you’re enjoying yourself. Women love it when you smile so paint a picture for her. Smiling is a sign that you have a sense of humour, are generally relaxed and easy going and are easily approachable; all qualities that a woman looks for in a man.

…but try not to fake it. If you have to fake the smile, should you really be going out with her again in the first place? Faked smiles are not sexy, genuine are.

Moving on to Tip 4.

The Good Night Kiss

So you’re at her doorstep, palms are sweaty, heart is beating and you’re wondering whether you should go in for the good night kiss.

I could slap you right now for wondering. Women want you to take initiative. Women need you to take initiative. That good night kiss is her signal you are interested in more than just friends – and you don’t want to end up in the dreaded ‘friendzone’ do you? Didn’t think so.

Unless she goes racing to her door away from you, unlocking it as fast as humanly possible, chances are, she’s waiting for you to make your move.

Be a man and kiss her goodnight. You don’t have to ram your tongue as far down her throat as you can (and I quite suggest you don’t), just a small, good night kiss is all that’s needed. In fact, the smaller the better. It’ll leave her slightly wondering, but yet wanting more.

She’ll be calling you back. Guaranteed.

And finally, we close with Tip 5.

The Callback

No one likes the dating game. Rules, rules, rules. How long should you wait to call? Will I look needy? Will she lose interest if I wait to long? What if I get the machine?

There about a billion and one different things going through your mind as to this next dating phase – and you aren’t even with her! Talk about stressful. Hell, I feel my muscles getting tight just thinking about it.

Relax. The less games you play, the less she will. And if she does play games – RUN! You don’t want to be with a woman like that anyway.

If you had a good time, call her back the next day. You don’t have to talk her ear off, just let her know you really enjoyed yourself, meeting her and would like to do it again. Suggest a day and a time for a future date. If she says yes – perfect! If she’s iffy, ask her if she has another day that would be better.

If she can’t give you a time or says she’ll get back to you and waits more than a day, move on. She isn’t worth your time. A confident guy does not move to second choice in a female’s call-back books. Once you’ve made the offer, it’s her turn to reciprocate. If she doesn’t, she simply is not the one for you.

If you want to have success with dating, you’ve got to learn this golden rule.

Don’t take a rejection personally, you did your part and she couldn’t fulfill hers. Don’t you think that’s maybe a weakness on her part? I thought so.

Now get out there and find the female that will call you back and will reciprocate. Like any good fighter knows, practice makes perfect.

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