Can You Find the One On Perfect Match?

Perfect is one site that many in search of finding their true match are turning too. Touted for being able to connect you to that one special person who will complete you the site offers a variety of features.

The big benefit that Perfectmatch claims it has over other sites is a more advanced searching tool that will help you find someone who you are compatible with. If you’ve online dated before you already likely know that while you may seem like a good match online, most first dates don’t lead to a second. Perfectmatch tries to solve this dilemma by taking a closer look at the qualifying stage so you stand a better chance at really finding true love.

They have a ‘Duet Total Compatibility System’ that takes into account a wide variety of factors such as your personality, your life and love style as well as your values and preferences.

Many other dating sites will only ask you detailed questions on your appearance, educational level and hobbies, while there is less of a focus on your life and love style.

This key feature is what will help to create a better match because the lasting power of a relationship is going to boil down to how similar you are in this regard as well as your general approach to life.

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The site also gives you the option of asking an ‘IceBreaker’ question as a way to initiate first contact with someone who you think may be a perfect match. This is a nice feature for those who may feel a little intimidated just starting out.

The site also offers a variety of success stories for readers to browse through, making it appear as though it really does work.

To begin you sign up through the site and create your own free profile. There are lots of choices to choose from for each option so you can be sure your profile will describe you to the best of its abilities. There are also more indepth questions as well that will help, as stated above, to weed out anyone whom you may not be a perfect match with.

After creating the profile then you will take the Duet personality test outline above, which is very similar to that of a Mayer-Briggs test. One downside to this however is obviously people could lie on such a test, which will skew results. But as with any dating option, you risk running into those who are not acting as there true selves so really this isn’t very different.

In terms of cost to use, the site is quite user friendly. You get the initial profile for free and can search as much as you like at no charge. The Icebreaker questions are also free which is great because it does allow you some contact without having to pay.

You can send up to four of these questions at a time, and the user has easy to choose options to answer from. When you are ready to step it up though, then you need to also be ready to pay.

For a charge of $59.95 (or $249.99 per year) you will be able to start having private one-on-one e-mail and then will also get a ten point review from the site’s expert.

This will allow you to improve upon the profile you are using and hopefully also improve the chances you do find a match. Since the profile will be the key feature people will use initially to judge you, you want to make sure it’s done right.

If you sign up for a full year you will also receive a dating book written by the site’s expert.

The few complaints that users have made is that it is hard to tell whether the current people are actually active on the site so sometimes your messages or IceBreakers can go unnoticed. Furthermore, when you are matched up by the site, location is not always taken into consideration therefore it can be unrealistic for most people.

Overall is one of the better sites out there. The big drawback for some people might be price however because at $60 per month, it is definitely a more expensive site to use.

But can you put a price tag on true love? If you think not, then it might be worth giving this site a try.

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