Can Anyone Find A Date On LavaLife?

Lavalife.comOne of the more popular online dating sites out there is But can anyone really find a date on Lavalife or is it just another site that offers much disappointment to some people?

One of the key benefits of Lavalife is that it does not cost any money to join and you can send winks and respond to messages for free. With other sites that charge you a monthly flat rate, this is going to eliminate all those who do not wish to pay to use online dating from finding a date. Not with Lavalife however.

Another nice feature about Lavalife is that you do get to fill out a fairly indepth profile about yourself and what you are looking for. This allows others to be sure you match what they are looking for and also gives you the opportunity to ensure that they meet what you want as well.

There is something called a ‘collect call’ on Lavalife as well, where you can send a message to someone for free, and they will pay if they choose to collect. This eliminates the barrier slightly for those who wish to online date for free, however you should take into consideration that some people may form an impression of you if you are sending a collect call or they may not even accept it altogether, in which case, your message will not be received.

Now for the drawbacks. First of all, there has been some member complaints about receiving ‘fake winks’. Some people have found that Lavalife at times sends smiles from and to random people just to encourage usage of their site. Obviously if this person is unaware they winked at you, they might be slightly surprised if they receive your message, thanking them for the wink.

The second drawback to Lavalife is there is a cost to initiate a message and to have an IM session. The prices run on ‘credits’ and it costs you three credits to send a message and two to start an IM conversation. 60 credits will cost you $14.99, 115 credits will cost $24.99 and 200 credits will cost $39.99.

The third drawback to this site is there is no way to filter who you want to be able to contact you through messages. This can be particularly annoying for women, where many complaints seem to be made about them having to deal with a multitude of IM’s when they sign on. You obviously do have the choice however whether you wish to respond to the IM’s.

Lavalife is also divided up into ‘communities’ so people who are looking for different types of relationships can tailor their search to others seeking the same thing. There is a Dating, Relationship and Intimate Encounters section, where you can have a profile in each.

Some people comment that the simple fact that they do offer an Intimate Encounters section may cause a greater likelihood of some going on there in the other sections who are just looking for sex as well, so it is the responsibility of the user to gauge whether they think this is the case.

On any online dating site you can run into that problem as many people do use it as a means to ‘hook-up’, but with the actual category running on the site meant to promote hook-ups, the chances it draws these types of people considerably increases.

Finally, the bottom line is that you still have to be able to put together a decent profile, a good picture (preferably) and come up with a good message. Online dating will never be able to take this away so you will have to learn how to do that properly. Those who are able to will generally have greater success than those who don’t, so it’s worth the time to really put some effort into this beforehand.

Overall is a good site for online dating because of the fact you can do a fairly good amount for free and because it attracts a wide population base. This makes it more likely you will have an opportunity to seek out someone whose the right match for you.

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