An EHarmony Review

What do others think of eHarmony?

Julie and Jason Tacoma, WA

We were matched together in Febuary 2004. One year later we’re planning our wedding. It really is more than finding someone who liked to do the same things. Not only did we have similar interests, but it felt as if we had known each other all our lives!We are both amazed at how well eHarmony works, and wanted to show our appreciation. Thank you eHarmony!

Michelle and Timothy Philidelphia, PA

I saw all the ads for eHarmony, and wasn’t quite sure at first. But after trying them I’m a firm believer. I have renewed my faith in the search for a soulmate and eHarmony helped me find him. He shared my beliefs, habits, values, and dreams. It’s like a dream that never ends. I can’t tell you enough how happy I’ve been lately, and it’s all thanks to eHarmony.

Lisa and Christopher Phoenix, AZ

I was getting lonely. Dating can be difficult at times. Then eHarmony emailed me with a match. The first match didn’t work out, but we still had a lot of fun, and are still friends. Soon after I was paired up with Chris.

He’s such a great guy, passionate, sweet, and endearing. I’m so happy eHarmony matched us up. I think if the two of us met on the street one day, we wouldn’t have noticed each other. But eHarmony really helped to open my eyes.

Joshua and Rebekka Clevland, OH

It’s been so much different working with eHarmony. They sent me matches with the most amazing women. And, they were amazing because we got along so well. I would never recommend using another dating site unless all you’re looking for is a hot date with someone you have little in common with.

When eHarmony sent me Rebekka as a match I was blown away. Our first phone conversation lasted for hours. The funny thing is that without someone like eHarmony helping out we would miss all of these great opportunities.

Right now I’ve been with Rebekka for two years and it’s been the best two years of my life. I see a great future ahead for us. Thank you eHarmony!

Ashley and David Baltimore, MD

I came to eHarmony after all of the attempts I made at dating through clubs, friends, and family. So, I was looking for a dating service that would help me find that special guy I’ve been looking for. Someone who really gets me.

I was speechless at the great lengths eHarmony took to understand who I am as a woman, not to mention the quality of men they sent me. It was like all of a sudden the best men around were available and interested in ME.

Now you can’t hit gold every time, but I must admit that every match I’ve gotten from eHarmony has been with some wonderful men that will surely make some lucky woman very happy.

After a year I finally found David. To be honest I almost felt like marrying him from the moment I saw him. It’s been over a year now and he recently proposed to me. Thank you eHarmony, you’ve answered my prayers!

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