10 Ways To Prepare For Your First Date

When getting ready for that first date it is perfectly natural to feel nervous. Almost everyone – including the most attractive of people – get a little worried about what the other person will think of them. Obviously if there has been prior interest in meeting, you will want to be doing your best to impress.

Dress Event AppropriatelyHere are ten tips that you can use to help you prepare for your first date.

1. Dress Event Appropriately

While you may be tempted to put together your best look, the one you feel most attractive in, it may not be the best of ideas if it does not match the context of the date.

For example, if you are a woman and have a killer black dress that you know men love, however your date is meeting for coffee at the local coffee shop, obviously this is not going to be a good choice.

You will want to dress in a way that will make your date comfortable as well as make yourself comfortable. If you are worried about your clothing you aren’t going to be able to fully be yourself and won’t make the impression you are hoping for.

2. Think Of A Few Discussion Points Before Hand

One very simple method of relieving some of the pre-date stress that many people typically feel before hand is thinking up some of the things you will talk about with that person.

Potentially one of the things that people get most worried about before a date is what will be discussed during the date. They worry about that ‘dreaded silence’ and then their filling the silence with something that they later regret saying.

By coming up with a few comfortable conversation points before you go this stressor will be removed.

3. Review Past Conversations

Most people wouldn’t think to look at the past message exchanges you’ve had with this person however it can be a good idea to do so.

First, by doing so you will be reminded about what you have already discussed so you know not to ask the same thing on the date, and further, you can get an idea about maybe what you could go into more detail on.

Finally reviewing past conversations may just help take away some of the nervousness because again you will feel more reassured that you have spoken to this person before so it is not in a sense a complete blind date.

4. Remember Past First Dates

Try and recall other first dates you’ve been on and look at what went well about them and what didn’t. Then try and recreate what you did that made them go how you liked and avoid what you did that made them falter.

5. Make Sure Your Breath Is Fresh

This should be an obvious point but far too many people forget about it when nervousness hits. It’s best to use some mouthwash in addition to brushing to make sure you kill any bacteria that may persist and cause issues later on in the evening.

6. Turn Off Your Cell Phone Or Put It On Vibrate

When you are on a first date, the focus should be on the other person. One of the biggest turn-offs is someone who is constantly answering their phone. Either turn your cell off or if you must have it on for emergencies, put it on vibrate.

7. Plan An Escape

While this isn’t something you likely want to be thinking about, there is a chance that the date may not go as you would like. In this case, it is good to have in mind how you can end the date short so that the person isn’t being misled as time goes on. Usually the longer the date is the more interest they will think there is so if this is what is happening, try and respectfully end the date as soon as you can.

8. Check Up On Your Plans

10 Ways To Prepare for The First Date

Depending on what you have planned for the date, it would be a good idea to check and make sure everything is in order. If you are eating in a restaurant for example, you could call ahead to make sure your reservations are still good and they are not running behind. Likewise if you plan to see a movie, try and swing by the theatre and pick up the tickets so as to avoid having to stand in line and wait while you are with your date.

9. Think About The Outcome

Before you even begin the date, consider the way you would like it to end. What impression do you hope to give off? How much interest do you want to show?

If you haven’t spoken to the other person all that much, you likely want to keep interest at a fairly moderate level so as to not scare them off. If you have already started quite an in-depth online relationship, then likely you will want to show them more interest and potentially discuss more serious related topic matter.

For example, if it is a true long distance online relationship, you should be discussing plans for the future and if both parties are interested in continuing with long distance. This may not be a topic to bring up right off the start, but as the date progresses and you both get more comfortable it is a good idea to discuss where you stand.

10. Read Something Entertaining

When you are in a good mood it is only natural you are going to give off more positive vibes and enjoy yourself more. Try and do something right before the meet that will put you in a good mood so that you will give off a better impression while on the date.

So try and implement a few of these tips before you go on your next date. The key is finding out what works best for you and then using that to create a level of comfort and confidence, as these are both key factors for making an impressionable appearance.

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