10 Signs Of a Cheating Boyfriend

Cheating BoyfriendA relationship is about trust, so when someone is cheating, or planning to end the relationship this can often crumble. Guilt, insecurities, and picking fights (or just the opposite), are well known venues used to end a relationship.

Many don’t have the slightest clue how to break up with someone, and for good reason. So much effort is spent on how to find a date, find a great relationship or get married, but how much effort is spent on knowing how and when to break a relationship?

So, here are some of the warning signs. It’s much easier to break the relationship if you start fights, and have a reason to storm off, or by making your partner out to be the villain.

Another well known tactic is to press your partner to want to break up with you instead.

1. He starts becoming very attentive to your needs. All of a sudden he is turning into Super-Boyfriend!

2. You start getting lots of nice gifts. So if it’s not a holiday or special occasion and you start getting lots of gifts frequently, something could be wrong!

3. Their behavior is causing you to feel like something is wrong or out of place. When you get that feeling in the pit of your gut, listen to it! Be cautious.

4. He starts picking fights over the smallest things.

When you find yourself fighting more and more over insignificant things, then something is wrong. An important fight is one you remember a week or so later.

If it’s insignificant, you’ll likely forget why you’re arguing, but still harbor those negative feelings.

5. What was once a relationship of lovers has turned into 2 roommates. You start becoming more friendly, but the passion, romance, and physical intimacy of your relationship has begone to vanish.

6. Sudden change in interest, such as music, foods, and going to places they otherwise would have never gone to.

People often start exploring new things due to exposure to them by a good friend or a lover. This is especially true when it is something that he would otherwise never bother with.

7. “Thou doth protest too much.”

If all things are going well, he shouldn’t make much effort to prove something isn’t going wrong in the relationship. When a man is invested in a relationship, who is healthy and secure, he knows where things stand.

He can be compassionate regarding your feelings, but won’t go to great lengths to prove his innocence because he knows he’s done nothing wrong, and expects you to see that too.

8. Your bf starts finding things annoying they he used to think were cute about you. This often happens when the honeymoon part of a relationship wears off, as well as something that happens a lot in young love.

9. Very irritable and offended at everything you say. Be weary when he starts to take everything you do and say as a personal attack. This is done in an attempt to make you the bad guy. Often both men and women lack the strength to just tell the person they want out of the relationship.

So it’s much easier to vilify them, making it seem as if you had to leave them.

10. There is a gradual decline in interest for you and your life. He is spending more time away from you.

Now there should always be a healthy balance of dependance as well as time spent together in a relationship. But when he’s looking for reasons to be away from you,

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