How To Get Laid on the 1st Date

How To Get Laid on the 1st DateThese are some simple things that will help get you laid on that first date, and feed your hunger. Today more than ever it’s more acceptable to have sex on the first date. People are having sex on the first date for one-night stands, or even to start relationships. People are more comfortable having sex, and if you find a strong connection, it’s hard to deny!

1. Be fun and energetic

No one likes a sad, depressing, lazy person when it comes to date. Be lively, full of energy, funny and entertaining. Make the person you’re with feel like a million bucks. How to do this? Listen and pay attention. Most generic compliments should go out the door. If you’re going to give a compliment, it should come off sincere and unique to them.

2. Making the move

Knowing how and when to make the move. Now of course there are some people out there that love an aggressive partner. This holds true for both men and women. But for the rest of us it’s all about feeling the vibe, and reading their reactions. When people are interested in physical contact they often stick around longer and move closer to you. All those little things like a hand on the shoulder, or back, or knee, are a signal. But this doesn’t mean JUMP the gun. It has to all progress smoothly.

3. Standards and expectations

Let’Sexy Girls be honest, you’re trying to get laid. If this is the number one priority, then you don’t have time to be picky. At first numbers will be on your side. The more people you go out with, the better your chance for a date and getting laid. In time, you’ll learn more about body language, and will be able to ask out those you have the highest chance of success with. That in and of itself is a key point in getting laid on the first date. If you ask out someone who already is very attracted to you, you’ve just cleared a big hurdle.

4. Hygiene

This is very important. You want to show up well groomed, dressed nice, and smelling great. The ONLY thought that should pop into their head is DAMN you look GREAT! Pick out your outfit carefully, don’t just throw anything on, dress appropriately for that date, etc. Shaving and trimming also falls under this category. It’s a well known fact that women have a tendency to shave when they’re expecting or desire to get laid. Men? A clean shave is always a good idea, or keep it well groomed. It never hurts to keep your public hair well trimmed either.

5. Be witty, funny, and intelligent

Look, it all starts in the mind for most. Nothing will spark your partner’s interest like holding a great conversation. This means you have to be able to make some quick assumptions about someone’s interests, but mostly listen and pay attention. Many men like sports, while many women the arts. But these rules of thumb don’t apply to everyone. So, it helps to have diverse interests and be well read. This way you can tackle any subject, even if you’re not an expert on it.

6. Planning the date

You will want to play a nice simple yet fun date. Remember, it’s the first date, so it’s usually not a good idea to do too much. You will also want to have a few back up plans, in case the person isn’t enjoying the location. Remember, it’s all about reading them and listening to them. If they’re not having a great time, do you think you’re going to get laid?

7. Make your interests clear

Now you shouldn’t run around saying I plan to sleep with you before the night is over, but you should make it clear you are very attracted to this person.

8. Be confident and take the risk

Men and women find confidence attractive. It makes things easier for the person you asked out and as human beings we typically choose the path of least resistance. If someone already finds you attractive, it will generally only strengthen the attraction when you take a risk to show your attraction and interest. But at the same time risks have consequences. Be prepared for them and just laugh them off. If you show you can roll with it, and not let it get you down, you will have still come out on top.

9. Protection

Pretty simple. If your goal is to get laid then you should have protection ready, but out of sight. You don’t want anything to break the rhythm of the moment once you get the green light to get freaky! An opportunity is easily lost if you both look at each other and no one has a condom. So be prepared!

10. Being a firecracker in the sack

If your goal is to get laid you should read up and practice. You don’t want to be fumbling around. You want to give your partner a mind blowing, explosive time. Learn what turns men and women on, what they like and dislike, how to push their buttons. True, everyone has unique tastes, but we’re not all that different. Your sexual toolbox should be full, and easy to use! This will also work in your favor, because if you were that great in bed, they may come back at a later date for repeat performance or you may find out this person’s friends are looking for you. Gossip can work in your favor!

Rejection comes a part of the territory when your goal is to get laid on the first night. You can’t be afraid of it. Instead, have backup plans. Get a few dates lined up, and learn where all the fun spots are. If you’re having a great time, it will become infectious, and they in turn will have a great time.

So make that person feel special, like they’re the only person in the world that matters and the bedroom doors shall soon beckon you!

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