Why Asian Women Don’t Date Asian Men

Asian GirlThere are many reasons why this happens, the first of which is supply and demand. Now if a bunch of people are all on an island, your perception of attractiveness is going to be based on who is available. But when you move into places like the U.S. where many different people are in a small area, this all changes.

Asian women are simply expanding their views, and instead of only dating Asian men, they are dating many different types of men. So it’s only natural for it to look as if they don’t spend much time dating Asian men.

Now when you think of the fact that many countries of the world are still dominated by men, is it any wonder why women would prefer men who grow up believing that men and women are equals? If a woman is attractive, and knows how to treat a man, she will likely have many options.

So anyone, male or female would start to weed out the less impressive or favorable options. This means the bar will be continually be raised.

Another important issue that explains this phenomenon is racism. Yes, many will claim they are not racist, but most people have some set of assumptions we have on people. Sure, we know everyone is an individual, but these assumptions serve as a starting point.

The assumptions surrounding Asian men is that they view women more as property, have a too small penis, and generally have a more soft small body (as opposed to large and masculine).

Now when many cultures move to a new country they like to pass down their beliefs to their children. So, while not all Asian men have the beliefs that women are there to serve men, some do. Remember, stereotypes come from somewhere! The small penis remark is a funny one as women look for every possible cue to indicate the size of a man’s package.

Men don’t exactly put it on display the same way women have their cleavage in plain sight. The view that Asian men generally have a softer feminine body type, isn’t completely true, and isn’t completely false either. Asian men are generally considered to have smaller and often more soft and sometimes feminine features.

No, I’m not saying they look like women, well, not where it counts. But, things like broad shoulders, strong hands, and a masculine face are all things women look for.

So, with this in mind, black men tend to be considered exotic to many Asian women. Asian women, appear as an ideal to most men. Asian women are often small, with a very modern feminine look. Today the idea of a beautiful feminine woman is small with an hour glass figure.

And no this isn’t just hearsay. Research has been done that shows no matter what men want in a woman, the curves that are part of the hour glass shape is very desirable. Women on the other hand look for men who have traits that dictate power, and the ability to take care of her and her offspring.

We’ve all seen how one of the quickest things women put on their list is height!

So, as an Asian man, all is not lost. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re trying to look and appear as others do. Women will naturally become attracted to you when you give off an aura of power, confidence, and intelligence. So mold yourself into the vision of the man who forges his own destiny, and makes himself into what he wants.

Now of course there are certain things that make a man appear more masculine.

But if you take care of your health and appearance, and have a confidence about you, one deep look into her eyes will simply melt her!

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27 comments on “Why Asian Women Don’t Date Asian Men
  1. HapaTapa says:

    Keep emasculating asian men and please kindly abort your future asian looking sons.
    Kids from WMAF couples always look asian due to dominant asian gene and
    Asian women who think asians are ugly + inferior will never be able to love their asian looking kids (especially asian looking sons)

  2. Someone who knows whats up says:

    FIRST OFF DUMMIES, The real reason American Asians women and men dont click together is.. ASIAN WOMEN ARE NOT ROMANTIC, SECOND OF ALL ASIAN MEN ARE NOT ROMANTIC.. LOOK ! Im half Asian , half Mexican my Dad is Asian and Mom is Mexican. I Live in Los Angeles CA. I get laid all the time.. Mostly I only fuck mexican women because i grew up in a mexican neighborhood.. Ive only banged 3 asian girls, reason being asian women are also way to sensitive and dont know how to react in a romantic situation or how to make a man feel like a man, I feel like a big wolf and shes like this lil bunny all scared, if you going for an asian girl, go for an older more mature one like 25yrs and up, ones that dont scare easily, asians hardly age so she looks good still. Its sad because they’ve never been taught to be sexy.. “sexy is the key” and Asian guys stop being lil pussies and step up the game.. and by romantic i mean seductive romantic, even a lil perverted, I get slapped once in a while but i also get pussy often as well.. First off if your over 18 yrs old.. move the fuck out of your parents house, fuck your parents be your own man, if your going to live in America then act like an Asian American. ONe important thing I want to mention is not just about getting girls, its building character, get laid as much as you can, learn as much as you can, become a great lover, you will feel more and more confident when getting girls after gaining experience.. yes sounds slutty but its necessary for a man because when you do find the girl you like, you will have the upper hand and women love dominance.. a seductive asian is powerful and i know what im talking about.. Major changes are: Boosting testosterone levels, the reason your such a lil bitch is cause you dont have enough testosterone, lifting weights boosts your testosterone, buy boxing bag to hit, studies have shown masturbating and watching porn significantly boost testosterone plus you will have more stamina when you have sex..do penis stretches exercise when you masturbate, youll want to be packing at least 4-6 inches your goal is 7. But if your one of those lil asian guys that could be mistaken for an asian girl, I recommend getting some steroids.
    Another thing your appearance, your asian so you might look a lil punk.. buy manly things only, do manly things only, stop playing your faggot video games and start playing Poker cards or play sports instead.. Also dont focus on getting asian women only, you wont learn much from them alone. Hang out with friends that are uglier than you are.. not only will girls focus more on you but your ugly friends will also worship the ground you walk on and help as cheerleaders to build up your confidence.. the first thing you dont want is competition that follows you around. LEARN HOW TO DANCE !!! im not talking that break dance electronic bullshit.. im talking slow dance, or regular dancing
    like a two step, Also dont ask a girl to go dance, ask a girl thats already dancing.. its much easier and it will save you the humiliation.. instead it will look like you know her and just mentioned something to her, if she says yes then dance. Use the 1, 2, 3 method, meaning before you approach a girl count 1, 2, and 3 just do it. Train yourself. Be LOUD, not shouting but loud shows confidence, assurance, power. I know I mentioned allot but all these lil things come together to build a seductive personality.

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