filipinasMany men are lured to dating Philippines girls because of the traits they possess. They are known to be perfect partners and this is obvious in the number of Philippines women that have migrated from the Philippines to the countries of their new husbands. However, be advised that like all other nationalities, there are bad apples among the bunch and you would really want to avoid the same costly mistake some men make when making wrong decisions when dating in the Philippines.

Some Philippines may ask you for money especially if you are communicating only through chat or phone calls. You should be alarmed when they start asking you to send them huge sums of money before you even have met them personally. Make sure you know her well before even considering sending her gifts or money to avoid becoming the victim of scammers.

Philippines Girls are serious about Love and Marriage

Luckily, for the most part, Philippines girls are serious when it comes to love and marriage. They are considered loving, loyal and caring wives and mothers. This can be attributed to their society where family plays a major role in their lives. You should also know that their country does not permit divorce and annulment is looked down upon in their society. This is why many Philippines women consider dating to be of great importance when finding future partners.

Philippines Women possess unique Beauty

Philippines girls are also known for their unique beauty. Due to the location of the Philippines, it has been home to many races and nationalities. Originally occupied by natives of Malay origin, the country was then conquered by Spain, and then by the USA throughout its long history. If you visit the country, you will notice that there is no single facial feature that will definitely be unique to the rest of the world as a Filipino because of their mixed blood.

Philippines Girls are very Religious

Philippines girls are mostly Catholic and are very religious. A Philippines woman who wishes to be married to you will expect you to go with her to church every Sunday, or in other holy days of obligation. This is a good sign especially if you are planning to have a family with her because she will make sure your children have a very Christian upbringing.

Marriage is a sacred Act in the Philippines

A Philippines girl will make a good wife. They are loyal and will serve you like a king. Because of the Filipino view of marriage as a sacred act, she will make sure you are proud of her as your wife. They are also respectful and somewhat submissive which means they take your principles and opinions very importantly even if their views conflict with yours. Compared to women of other nationalities, a Philippines girl will less likely be in an argument with you because they look up to you as the head of the household. With a Philippines girl, you are even less likely to go through a divorce.

Filipina Girls make a good Wife

Philippines girls are a cut above the rest when you are looking for the perfect wife. For sure you will realize that there is more to them than meets the eye if you start being intimate with a Philippines girl. However, you should also treat them with the same love and respect they show you because they deserve the same from you. If you want to know what it takes to make a Philippines woman fall for you, then read our article about Filipina Dating – How to conquer the heart of a Filipina.

16 Responses to “Philippines Girls – What you need to know about Philippines Women”

  1. Glenn Jat
    12:15 pm on February 6th, 2013

    You heard it here!!
    I am a native American born and raised in Houston, Texas and worked in many countries as an engineer in the oil industry. I was happily married to a Filipina for 5 years. We had lived in different countries because of my job and everything between us stayed great in those countries. I had given her family money whenever they needed it, AND paid all tuition and expenses for her 3 children from her former marriage. I had no problem with any of that, and knew it going into the relationship, and thought of the kids as mine as well.

    THEN THEN THEN…we moved to the U.S. MAJOR MISTAKE!!!! I CAN TESTIFY that there was an obvious personality change as she quickly became what I call “Americanized”. I caught her cheating on me twice, and spent $400,000. in first 6 months in U.S. ALL of which she spent on herself alone. THEN, when I attempted many times to talk with her about this it was as if she was a different person that I had never known and didn’t like. She was argumentative about everything, when she did talk, and she became more secretive, and the cheating was why she had become so secretive, nut as they say, “you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people all of the time, but you can never fool ALL of the people ALL of the time”. It was blatant that she was now taking advantage of me, and her so mistaken thinking that I would allow her to continue as she was.

    I divorced her soooo fast, had Immigration revoke her Resident Visa because due to the divorce I then denounced responsibility for any expenses she may incurr, i.e. medical insurance, housing and accomodation expenses, transportation expenses, and all other responsibilities I had sign off on for her to get a Visa. These, and the irreputable evidence I produced to the judge as to her unfaithfulness, and I also added the key word that is referenced legally to as “just cause” and that was “infidelity” led to the judge awarding me everything. It was left to me to give her ONLY what I wanted to, or didn’t want to, from our assets and my from generosity, because of her infidelity, according to the judge. So, that left her leaving with, and I thought pretty generous, was 2 suitcases of clothes, NO money, other than what I gave her for her to leave. That amount was enough for a one way ticket….economy class, and a few hundred dollars. All of the other jewelry, furs, dresses, shoes, etc. was sold by me. She never had any foreign account in her name, although I offered her one, and she was “secondary” on my credit cards and our bank and other accounts. The house and vehicles, etc. were awarded to me, also because of her cheating.
    There was no children, so no issue there.

    She asked me where was she to go, I replied either to one of the guys she cheated on me with and to go call one of them and see what they tell you, or wherever the money I gave her would take her.

    So, it doesn’t matter where you meet a foreign bride, I suggest YOU moving THERE ….. JUST DON’T BRING THEM TO THE U.S. AT ALL, FOR ANY AMOUNT OF TIME, EVEN FOR A VISIT!!!

    No More Marriages For Me!!!!

  2. ayman alhakim
    7:19 am on March 30th, 2013

    Filipinas are not only beautiful outside but are also really genuine inside.They are delight because of the famous Filipina disposition and personality, they acquired many good characteristics which is to be sweet,caring,loving,devoted,faithful,friendly,hospitable,sincere,cheerful,thoughtful and most of all very family oriented values. They treasured and value families, relatives,friends and loved ones a lot.

  3. littdee
    12:35 pm on April 4th, 2013

    sorry to here that…
    i am a filipina. i am so sorry for what have happened. my advise to men who wants to date or marry someone from the Philippines (a) if your gf or wife wants to send her family money, let her work for it. women who ask for money from their husband for expenses outside their immediate needs is most probably after the convenience they get from your marriage; (b)check their educational backgrounds and reputation before you marry her. she has children before ur marriage u said so what could have been the reason for such separation (c) always remember that no woman is perfect and Filipinas are not exempted from just happened that u chose the wrong one. you did not mention her age and yours, most Filipinas who married young and separated are most likely to go wayward – i dont know why but that is the trend. Too immature probably and maturity never developed.
    Again…im sorry.

  4. jay
    7:57 am on April 10th, 2013

    im sorry to hear that man , nut all what uv said is true , they r just good for short period , they cant live with one man forever , i havent seen filipina who manage to be with her husband forever , the highest numbers of single mothers in the world are filipina . sorry guys but qhat GLENN has said is true maybe not for all but the most of them .

  5. phoebs
    9:23 am on October 21st, 2013

    @Jay go to philippines for you to see a woman who stay to her one and only husband :)

  6. gene
    1:46 am on June 30th, 2014

    all the above is true, I recently went to the Philippines and met up with 10 girls of which I slept with 9 , 9 out of 10 were easy to get into bed and eager to please and 7 out of 9 were good lovers , 4 out of 9 fell in love with me instantly and the other 5 would have if I said I was interested in them further , so to my conclusion the best place on earth to find a cute girlfriend who will do anything for you is Philippines !!

  7. k.messy
    10:33 am on July 2nd, 2014

    It dorsnt matter where you chose your partner from, what matter most is not choosing the wrong choice

  8. Andrea
    8:17 pm on October 24th, 2014

    It always feels awful everytime I hear stories like these. No matter wherever you go, Asian countries, America or Europe infidelity is everywhere. People make bad decisions, make mistakes. Infedility/cheating.., I bet even you, have done it before. Money is not always the thing that could make a woman or a man be content in the marriage. They might be no chemistry at all but then they need each other for their different reasons so decide to marry, leading to unhappy marriage.

    So not only you have to be in love to marry someone so much younger or older than you from different cultures, you have to be smart too. Don’t give out your money because you are afraid to lose her, but because you are willing to help. If you had failed once or twice in your marriage , telling people about how your ex-wife who lives in a particular country won’t make your dignity back . It will just make other decent , happy Filipinas (who live in every part of the world specially in the United States) that didn’t do anything bad to you , feel bad about themselves like they stole your money or cheated on you too. Move on man, maybe you’d be lucky next and might find yourself a much better one, maybe a single, no children American woman who doesn’t cheat? Good luck though.

  9. Mike
    3:06 pm on November 4th, 2014

    Glenn – You are an idiot. You spoiled her with jewels, furs and other gifts and wonder why she betrayed you. Are you serious? What a tool you are… It’s obvious you’re entire relationship was based on money – – no wonder why she cheated, she never loved you, she loved your money dumbass. RULE #1 for any man in any relationship is do not spoil her with gifts and money. I love my Filipina wife and yes we live in the US. She is my main happiness… she loves to cook for me, iron my shirts, household chores, etc. I offer my assistance but she insists its her role as my wife to do her part. The sex is so passionate I can’t get enough of her. Most American women no longer understand the roles of a wife-husband union. I have 6 American male friends, 3 are divorced and broke, 2 are still married and miserable, 1 is still single and plans to stay that way. If you find the right woman no matter domestic or foreign, you’ll be happy for the rest of your life.

  10. raj prudhvi
    11:58 am on November 24th, 2014

    philippine calture is great

  11. Joe
    7:07 pm on December 27th, 2014

    I met a girl in philippines 2 years ago stayed with her for a year over there and then got her and her child a visa to come to usa we got married within our 90 days THEN the CRAP hit the Fan she started getting MAD all the time getting quite not talkin then she started pushing ,punching me kicking throwing things now we have been here a year ive had enough I want her GONE SHE HAS A TEMPER AND BAD ATTITUDE I CANT HANDLE ANYMORE AND I DONT SEND MONEY TO HER FAMILY UNLESS CHRISTMAS OR BIRTHDAY PERIOD I WILL NOT MAKE PAYMENTS ON ANY WOMEN LIKE BUYING A CAR

  12. darren
    4:52 pm on December 28th, 2014

    Im baffled with my relationship,
    well to start with i live in aus she lives in phils, she has two kids and lives with parents. her x has another kid from another women now but they still offcially married.
    her x refuses to pay for the annulment which i hear is costly but is with another women now.
    also when i was there for 2 mnths she worked at a bar, quiet place though that was owned by her dads best friend. i stayed in the house most the time there looking after her kids with her mum and dad.
    she also hanged with freinds and her make cousin a real real lot when i was there.
    when we together she said she always sick, which i know she does get sick alot with sinus problems though.
    anyway when i told her i wasnt happy that i come over and want to spend time with her since been 3 years since last stayed , she said i was selfish and thinking only about myself.
    The baffling thing is she never ask me to send money when i was in aus and i did so on my own free will, this was to help her kids get eductaed.
    so i was so angry when she bought gifts for others and not only spend money on her kids and herself.
    Well when we was away alone she did seem hesitant to be away with me and we argued for most the part as she was on her cell phone and laptop basically the whole time. I been told this is normal pinoy girl using electronice device so so much so i just got use to it.
    Every time i go there she always has someone to meet with me, ie- her brothers, friends, cousins when she travel from davao to manila to meet me at the airport.
    Just now her brother is apparently going to manila just days before i get there, and i just bought ticket last week to come which another thing to me sound so diodgy.

    All in all I dont know if im being scammed as she never ask me for money and when i offer more she does get upset, or is she playing reverse physcology?
    And being a white guy we more independant people and not as family orientated. so is this normal for a girl to hang with family so so much?
    It just seems hard to explain that i just want some time alone when there cause its like every 3 years i can get there and been over 7 years now.
    So as of culture and all is this normal or does this situation sound like i am being played?

  13. Mark Wills
    9:28 pm on January 15th, 2015

    Pinays are overrated and hypocritical. They appear to be sweet and loyal but the will cheat on you in a heartbeat. They lie a lot also.

  14. Eddy
    10:41 am on January 16th, 2015

    Darren.yes must be baffling for you. Her Ex probably does not want an anulment coz then she would be free to take the kids to Aus..if you ever offered and yes it is costly. The fact she has never asked you to for money… reassuring. You have met her family which is good….perhaps her heitancy in being alone with you or spending time with you could be 1. She is a very conservative filipina or 2. Her parents are…..she has kids already from a marriage. Could be her parents are the ones stopping her from having time with case she ends up with another child? However…after 7 years and you can only get there every 3 years lets be honest… is not much of a relationship right? It would take 1 woman in every 5million to really put up with that? I have a filipina GF and all she asks for is that I be able to come and see her regularly….every 3 months in my job. She has kids too but they are always looked after by her aunt when I come there so we have time together……….her ideal s that I just go and live there. I am sorry my friend but the infrequency you can get to Phil maybe the real problem? 80% of Filipina’s need to feel real commitment. The buying of gifts for others and being on a mobile device dont worry about that…..yes that ia a typical Pinay trait….walking in the mall behind a couple of filipina’s walking so slow coz they on their mobiles is so damn annoying lol!

  15. Peter Culley
    10:49 am on February 2nd, 2015

    A couple of comments:

    “This is a good sign especially if you are planning to have a family with her because she will make sure your children have a very Christian upbringing.”
    – This assumes that Christianity is better than any other religion or atheism. WHY would you say that!?

    “A Philippines girl will make a good wife. They are loyal and will serve you like a king.”
    – So, a good wife is one that is like a servant. I understand you perfectly.

    “Compared to women of other nationalities, a Philippines girl will less likely be in an argument with you because they look up to you as the head of the household. With a Philippines girl, you are even less likely to go through a divorce.”
    – I suppose no empirical research has been done to prove this. The writer needs a dog, not a wife.

    Philippines girls are a cut above the rest when you are looking for the perfect wife.
    – Yep. Again the writer’s own sexist, bigoted views shine through once more!

    Please be careful when generalising. I know it makes many people feel more comfortable when we allocate them into boxes, but come on!

    Let’s try the same on you (assuming you are American):

    The American man is an ideal partner if you like BIG men, as they eat hamburgers and fries all the time. Even breakfast is pumped full of sugar and fat. Their whole day is dedicated to getting fatter to be more cuddly for you. You can expect the American man to be your KING. He will love it when you behave like his slave. He is likely to be Christian, which guarantees good upbringing of fat children (Christianity includes pedophiles). Being a Christian, your BIG FAT American KING will believe in a talking snake and that we all started from two individuals called Adam and Eve. However, he refuses to believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny. In fact, out of all the countries in the Western World – more Americans believe in the Christian fairytale than any other country – by far! American men possess unique fatness, and they have little or no knowledge of anything that exists outside of their own “Land of the Free”. This is evident in the way they use the term “whole world” when they mean “whole nation”. While getting fat, the American will enjoy watching baseball. The culmination of the baseball year is the WORLD SERIES – an international championship covering the entire world, yet only sees participation by ONE nation. Fortunately American men know nothing about sexual equality, so being a woman you will not have to wonder where your place is.

  16. Nomad
    12:20 am on February 5th, 2015

    Wow to the guy above me. Butt hurt much? You seem to really dislike Americans lol. It is the authors opinion. They aren’t hard facts.

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