Does Great Expectations Exceed Expectations?

Great expectationsThe online dating site ‘Great Expectations’ claims to offer a lot of hope for those who are looking for love.

Right off the top the site states that its members are pre-screened to make for a more safer and enjoyable dating experience for you. They have 30 years of experience in the dating industry giving them an advantage over some of the other newer sites. Obviously the longer the site has been around the more you can trust that it will not have as many membership type of issues otherwise people would not keep signing up.

The site also works hard on maintaining its photographs and videos of members to ensure that it is up to date for your searching. This is one drawback that numerous online daters often complain about – the lack of match between the pictures posted and what the person actually looks like in real life.

Creating the initial profile is relatively easy on the site and you will be put through the usual questions: age, sex, hair color, eye color, body type, whether or not you smoke or drink and so on.

There is also a place where you can write your own information on ‘about me’ and ‘about my match’. This allows you to add a personal touch and express to others what you are looking for.

Once you make the decision to sign up to the site for $19.95 per month or $99.00 per year you then get advanced benefits. As a member you get access to a team of relationship professionals who will help you in your search for love as well as invitations to special parties that are thrown at their various locations that allow members to meet each other.

Searching is fairly straight forward on the site and is pretty much similar as all the other sites that are out there in terms of how you search, options available to you and so on.

With the free membership only you can search, create your profile and show interest in others (the system sends a generic e-mail saying you are interested). With the paid membership however you can start sending personal e-mails and instant messages with no limit.

Do note that any member is able to respond to a message for free so that will not cause limitations in any way.

Furthermore, if you wish to speak to someone who you are interested in person then you can do so with their ‘connect by phone’ service. This allows you to speak with them over the phone by paying a cost of a one-time connection fee plus a by-the-minute charge.

The advantage here is for those who do not want to give their own personal number out just yet but do want to move the conversation to the next level.

When it comes to online dating, most recommendations are to move away from e-mail as soon as possible to either the phone or meeting so this site solves that problem.

Now, the thing that will really set apart is that when signing up you will become part of a larger network of dating sites. This allows you to search through a massive database of potential dates that might not even be part of the actual site.

In terms of finding your potential match, online dating is very much a numbers game so the more exposure you can get, the better off you will be.

So if you are looking for a good well rounded site to sign up to, give Great Expectations a try. While it may not be backed by celebrity endorsements, it is very cost effective and allows for an unlimited number of exchanges once you are a paying member.

This helps to reduce some of the stress of really making sure you only try and contact those you really think it would work with like with other sites that have you paying by the message.

Furthermore, the additional, in person events that this site creates gives it a more ‘real life’ feel that will appeal to a great many, thus increasing the chances you find that one true love you’ve been looking for.

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