Are you a Player or a Loser?

Sometimes it can be pretty hazy on the difference between a player and a loser. Most guys that think they are players are in fact losers and sometimes vice versa.

Are you a Player or a Loser?

Players tend to be guys that think they are God’s gift to women but in reality they only care about themselves. Players tend to give you just enough of attention to keep you coming back for more, but are unable to commit to anything. Most losers don’t care about anybody- deep down they don’t even care about themselves and will go out of their way to make you feel like a piece of dirt.

If you are the type of guy that goes to parties or does the bar scene to scam on unsuspecting women a few nights a week- you might be a player. You like to have contests with your player buddies on who can get the most phone numbers. You might not even call any of them- life is a game to you.

If you are the kind of guy that preys on women with low self-esteem on purpose you are a loser. Losers like to pick on the weak ones, the women that don’t have a chance and then reel them in for the kill.

You are most definitely a player if you have several women that you are dating and are not up front about your multiple partners. You won’t commit to any of them, but they still keep you around in hopes that they will be “The One” It’s rare that you be seen in public with any of your women either.

Losers tend to either not have many friends or have friends that are losers just like them. The worst thing about being a loser is that you usually are clueless to that fact that you are one. If one of your non-loser friends accuses you of being a loser- you probably won’t even speak to him/her again.

Players know that they are players and are proud of it. They usually call themselves players too. It’s usually not a secret that you are a player, but some girls think they can change you. But you know there is no chance of this happening. You like to be in charge of all things in your life.

Some losers don’t have a social life. Some are in fact socially inept. When losers are put in social situations they don’t know how to act and tend to end up looking foolish. Or they will do anything in their power to make someone else look dumb in hopes that they don’t appear to be so.

You might be a player if you intend on being a bachelor for life. You have no intentions of settling down with one woman. You are proud to tell others that you are in fact single, even though you have 3-5 women that you are stringing along.

Losers can be liars, cheaters and just bad people in general. They will do anything in their power to get what they want. They might have a significant other, but they don’t know the meaning of the word respect. They expect to be treated a certain way, but won’t do the same.

Players normally don’t introduce their “girlfriends” to their parents or anyone important to them. If you do have to introduce your prize, she is most defiantly introduced as your “friend.” It’s usually just the player and the girl that hang out together. The “girlfriend” is never bought any gifts or treated particularly special in anyway either.

Losers are known for blaming others for faults that are their own. They also love to try and get something for nothing and are big on complaining on how unfair life is for them, but do nothing to improve it-that would take too much effort.

Players know how to “play” the game. They know what words to say, when to say them, and when to show just enough respect to get what they want- most likely from a woman.

You are a loser if you expect others to be perfect but are far from perfect yourself. In fact you are the opposite of perfect. When you are called out on your imperfections you find a way to make it that persons fault.

If you find yourself behaving in any of the above mentioned ways, it’s time to take a step back and figure out if this is how you want to live your life. In the long run, living the life of a player of a loser will guarantee a life of unhappiness and loneliness. So, which one are you?

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  1. Jengo says:

    They still sound like the same thing, unless you’re saying a loser is not as successful as a player.

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