7 Sure-Fire Ways to Land a Hot Date

Which online dating site will find you a great match?

Getting that date. Attracting someone’s interest. How is it done? Well, online dating is similar to actual dating. However a key difference is the screening process. Much of the questions and screening happens long before the first date ever occurs.

This helps people get better acquainted with each other before meeting, but also makes it more of a challenge to find a date.

7 Sure Fire Ways to Land a Hot Date

So, we all need to do things to make us stand out. Ironically most of us want the same things, but if we just stated that we’d never get anywhere. So here are some sure fire ways to help you land that date!

1. Write a classy, original article

You’ve seen and read all the typical stuff. Guess what, many people DO have the same interests. With that said you’re just one of the many if you follow along. Find a funny, witty, creative way to describe yourself and your vision.

Sit down for a moment and think about all the things that make up your interests and personality. It is the mix of all those things together that will make you unique when writing your profile. So take a look at the profiles around, and write one that really stands out and strikes interest!

2. Don’t show off

Instead the way you describe yourself should be informative while at the same time tease the reader to ask more. We’ve all had some great accomplishments, but that doesn’t really grab people’s attention.

Rather than state them as accomplishments, describe them as interests, hobbies, and passions. Tell a story that helps others develop a picture of you. But don’t paint a perfectly clear picture. Leave it a little fuzzy.

3. Sending a photo

: Eventually the time comes when you must send a photo. The idea is to send a fun photo. If you look like you’re doing something wild or having a lot of fun in your profile, it will inspire them to want to join you and be a part of that lifestyle. You should also make sure your photo is accurate. What I mean by that is don’t use pictures from a decade ago, when you were thinner, dressed differently, and had a different hairstyle.

4. Keeping it short and simple

Once you’ve got their attention, don’t blow it by revealing everything. But at the same time don’t avoid answering their questions. Give them a taste of who you are, a small sample. By remaining somewhat mysterious you spark a person’s interest. It makes you sound interesting, while leaving them with questions. You must always leave them wanting more.

5. Be Witty, and be able to hold a good conversation

You want to stay away from the formality of letter, and instead keep things quick and conversational. This doesn’t mean use abbreviations and acronyms for every other word, like many do online. Just relax, and imagine holding a conversation with the person. This should be your tone in your e-mails and letters.

Keep things light and funny. You don’t have to start a stand up comedy routine, but it always helps to point out something funny and amusing. You can even use some unusual words that might even have double or triple meanings to help describe something that happened to you today!

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Land a Hot Date

6. Keep compliments to a minimum

While everyone loves a compliment, insincerity will only hurt you. So a good thing to keep in mind is, refrain from general compliments, and stick to very personal, intimate compliments. A compliment that reveals that you understand and appreciate the person for who they are speaks volumes more than a simple, ‘you’re good looking.’

7. Don’t be in a rush to meet up!

Take your time. Now I don’t suggest waiting weeks, but a few days can’t hurt. If the person you’re interested in is asking to meet for a date tomorrow, tell them your week is full, but you would love to meet them over the weekend. Nothing gives a bad impression like being over eager. This way you’ll appear to be busy enjoying your life, but still want to get together as soon as possible.

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  1. Greger says:

    Some great tips, it is indeed easy to get carried away online.

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