12 Unique Things To Do On A First Date

Stroll under the moonlight


This is a great idea and works in so many locations. You can take a barefoot stroll at the beach, or take a walk by the lake.

Theme parks

We all love a good time at a theme park. We can be silly, wild, and just have fun. You can try and win your date a prize, get some silly temporary tattoos, and take fun photos. Things will feel so much easier and natural when you plan romantic evenings together because you’ve already bonded over such a simple yet fun date.


The beauty of nature is a great thing. Spend a nice day away from the modern world. Go hiking, take a boat out fishing, stop to smell the roses, take a picture or two, etc.

By the end of the day there’s nothing more romantic than curling up with your date, over a nice warm drink.

They’ll want nothing more than to share a sleeping bag with you by the end of the day.

Rent a boat

Go out and rent a boat and crew, or a small sail if you’ve done this before. It can be so relaxing being out on the water. Letting the cool breeze wash over you. Plan a picnic, and just relax, enjoy each others company!

Balloon ride

I’m talking about going up in a large hot air balloon. It’s such a great experience, and a memorable one too. You can enjoy the view, and perhaps even enjoy a glass of champagne together!

Helicopter rides

Same idea as the balloon ride, but on a much larger scale. This will cost a lil bit but is well worth it. You can get a nice view of the entire area or city where you live.

Ice skating

Go to your favorite ice rink, and strap on some skates! If they don’t know how how to skate? Even better, you can show them how!


Do you two have a favorite band or performer? Go out and catch a concert. Music soothes the soul!

Live Music

There are many possibilities for live music. Someone could be in your town for a weekend, so you’ve got a golden opportunity. Or you can go to a nice restaurant, where they handle requests for live music.

Carriage ride

These are particularly romantic. Take the scenic route, and enjoy your date in a nice long carriage ride. This is particularly nice in the colder months as you will naturally huddle close to keep warm.

Candle lit dinner at home

This is your chance to take your date to your place and pamper them. Give them a nice home cooked meal where they can relax and don’t have to lift a finger. Let them know how special they are to you. Another possibility is to involve them in the cooking process. This can be especially fun as you will later get to enjoy the food you both prepared together.

Local Landmarks

Play the part of a tourist. Go out and see your local landmarks together. Have fun and be silly with it.

Also, pay attention to your date, and their interests and circumstances. You don’t want to go on a bike ride for a date with someone who hasn’t been on a bike in over 10 years. If your woman enjoys being pampered, and has had a rough week, go out, treat her to a day at the spa. Let her get a massage, a facial, manicure, pedicure, etc. Than top it off with a nice relaxing, yet unique meal (go some place new, or to her favorite place). If your man likes sports? You can take him to a sports museum. Get him a full tour, with a nice souvenir and a photo.

These are some great ideas, typically because they’re things we don’t often do, or never do at all. So, they will really make an impact on your date and how much you care. Make your date a memorable one, and they will make your night an unforgettable one!

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